Is KLITROCK MEDIA a porn company?

- no, all we do is music and more music, if you are a porn star or wanna become one, we can't help you...!


So you can't help me, if I want to become a porn star, or a porn director, or something?

- no, we can't. Just not what we do...


What it is that KLITROCK MEDIA do?

- Klitrock Media is a booking agency for various music artists, worldwide.

Our territories (as we call it) are Scandinavia, North Europe and the US.

Besides the booking part, we provide technical staff for concerts (light, sound, backline etc)

Artist PR, artist/tour management and so much more.


Can I get in touch with you?

- yes, of course, info(a)klitrock.dk. But again, only inquiries regarding music will be taken serious.

We work with music, and that's it.